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In June 2002, all U.C.O. members will receive an U.C.O. member ID, which is required to access the new Members-Only section of the UCO Web site. The Members-Only section allows members to change address and other contact information, as well as access the searchable online member directory. This directory is only available to UCO members, and can be searched using name, institution, state, country, subspecialty, etc.

The Members-Only section of the UCO Web site contains proprietary and confidential information for UCO members. In order to maintain its integrity, DO NOT share your password and user ID with any non-member.

If you did not receive your UCO membership card or have any questions regarding the Members-Only section of the Web site, please contact Dr Mangat Bansal on  (02-9845 9542) or e-mail (

Please have your UCO member ID number and password ready. First-time users please note- the first time you access the Members-Only area, your password is your last name. You will be prompted to create an alternate password on your first visit. Please do not share this information with non-members.

Dial 000 in an emergency

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