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The U.C.O. Uro-oncology Tissue Bank

Research will only yield clinically useful information if the raw materials — tissue and patient information — are meticulously gathered.The tissue bank collects, stores and distributes
tumour samples for scientific research work. Tumour samples are collected during surgery
and used to plan patient treatment and care. Any tumour not needed may be stored in the tumour bank for future use. Readily available tumour samples provide scientists with
greater opportunities to find new methods of assessing cancers.

To assist the translation of laboratory research into clinical practice, it is essential to have samples available for testing e.g. for a new, potentially significant marker of prognosis in
cancer to be established, it’s activity needs to be measured in a large number of tumours
and the data analysed and compared.

In Sydney’s west, the pioneering work of the Westmead Institute of Cancer Research (WICR) combined with the work of the U.C.O. will create synergies allowing for the assessment of similarities between cancers and methods to improve therapy. Facilitating this process means more samples available for research so that important breakthroughs benefit patients sooner.

Healthcare can be a 2-way street; samples may be used to identify genetic diagnostic and prognostic markers. Although samples stored for research may not benefit the donor’s treatment, it will ultimately be of benefit to others.

The tissue collection of the U.C.O. is currently being undertaken at Westmead Hospital only,
but there are plans underway to expand collection to other sites.

The services of the Tissue bank include:

Maintaining specimen storage at – 80 Celsius

Maintaining computer inventory of patient and tissue data

Updating storage and inventory data

Continue the clinical follow-up on patient tumour data

Ensuring patient confidentiality

Management of valuable patient research data

Ensuring highest level of quality control and data integrity

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